tom dwyer's 1970 chevelle


I’ve been racing since I was 15 years old.  At 15, I broke the ring and pinion in my Mom’s 74 Impala by doing a “reverse drop” to get the tires smoking!  I was hooked!  I’ve run and raced Chevelle's for the most part since then as that is the car I like. I joined the U.S. Navy at 19 and did a 20 year stint and raced a little during that time.  I was not racing full time due to commitments and deployments overseas but kept in the sport by racing at Carlsbad Raceway and Pomona in California in my 71 Chevelle.  I joined the Wiseguys in 2008 with my current ride which is a 70 Chevelle and have had a great time racing with the team.  The team has such great people and the fans are fantastic. I feel really blessed.


I ran a 14-71 Roots supercharger from 2008 until 2010 which netted a best of a 6.62 at 212 MPH.  At the beginning of 2011, I went to a PSI-C Screw Charger and it has been an odyssey of inconstancy since then, LOL.  The best times achieved is a 6.25 in the quarter and the fastest time has been 229.66.  Over the last year, a lot was learned and I expect to pick up the performance greatly.


Jerry Haas Race Cars (updated by Chris Duncan),
GlassTek Body, Lamb Struts, Santuff Shocks,
9-1/2” Tim McAmis rear end with Mark Williams
Full Floating 40 Spline axles, 3.70 gear,
Carbon Fiber Rear Brakes,
Bruno/Lenco Trans and Coan converter.



PSI-C Supercharger, PSI injector,
Alan Johnson Billet Heads,
Keith Black Olds Block,
Crane cam,
Indy intake,
Bryant crank,
MGP connecting rods.


Pit Crew:

Pit Crew:

Jason Krage, Lonnie Morgan, Justin Morgan, Holly Buck, Bruce Knapek, Charlie Knapek, Jack Smith, Terry Rudsinski, Tanya, David, Christina, Danielle and Bridget Dwyer and anyone else that helps out!
Special Thanks: To Fitz and Marcus Rechsteiner and Bruce Knapek for all their wonderful machine work. A very special thanks to my great Wife Tanya for all her support and patience which without, I could not do this.


Lonnie's Auto Body, Huntley, IL, Supercharged Performance, Columbus, Oh.